About us

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver the best customer service and diverse quality products that include medical and communication related devices with the most reasonable price. Baby Ancestor’s policy is simply to help the individual people and organizations enjoy convenient life with our product and services.

What we do?

Baby Ancestor is a Myanmar’s Trading company of medical and communication products based in Yangon. We supply range of outstanding oversea products dealing with major Asia (South Korea, Singapore), UK and US manufacturers. These products are for hospitals, clinics, primary care that integrate with the emergency and operation services. Our major product lines for supply include Immobilization products for fracture treatment, First Aid Kit, Emergency Kit including communication devices that can be used conveniently in case of emergency and operational purposes.

What do we offer?

Immobilization products for fracture treatment we provide comprises of RoboTMCast Orthopaedic Casting Tape (Polyester) and RoboTMSplint (Polyester). These products are known to have several advantages of being strong, light weight, convenience, easy application, better sanitation and etc… For First Aid and Emergency use, we made number of kits available such as Traveller Kit, Injury Kit (that include: easy use _Blood Clotting Spray aids) available. These kits are designed to meet standard emergency system required for quick and proper first aid, which can be easily applied.
As recent society of industrialization and urbanization in Myanmar induces increased disaster and variety of damages, the importance of first aid and public demand for emergency aid has been rising. Accordingly, we, Baby Ancestor Company specialize in medi_care products with our commitment to guarantee simple kit helping quick restoration. All products we supply are designed to meet the international standard ISO certified, FDA Registered and CE Authorized.
Apart from that we have extended our products and services in the area of communication. Our products and services now covers and offers Security and Safety Equipment, Satellite Communication device, VSAT and Life Saving devices.

Our team

The company consists of a small team of accredited and experienced staffs, which gives Baby Ancestor the breadth and versatility to deliver a high standard of product, within budget, in a professional and timely manner. Our staff members work on to meet the needs of our clients, who stretch throughout Myanmar as our best possible.

Market penetration

Founded in 2014, our mission is to maximize the satisfaction of customers through delivering comfortable and safe medical products with reasonable price. After established and within a few months, Baby Ancestor company has distributed more than Major Private hospitals and organizations. Our products are approved and appreciated in our markets for its high quality, better comfort ability with reasonable price. We commit and embrace the importance of quality and convenience of our products and customer services in everything we do.