Robo Casting Tape(Polyester & Fiberglass)

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  • Strong and Comfortable
  • Though Robo Cast is thinner and lighter than conventional plaster cast and other.

  • X-ray Translucent
  • Robo Cast has outstanding x-ray translucency.

  • Confortable
  • Excellent multi-directional stretch makes it easier to wrap and shape

  • Better Sanitation
  • Robo Cast is moisture resistant and highly permeable to water vapor,reducing build up of moisture inside cast that can affect the skin

  • Less dust
  • Robo cast produces significantly less dust during removal

  • Available Color
  • Skye Blue, Pink, White, Green, Camouflage and Black

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Robo Stockinet

  • Highly absorbent and well tolerated
  • Washable
  • Disposable Sterile and hygiene
  • 100%Cotton
  • Availabe in Wide Range of size to suit all part of the body
  • Holds dressings securely in place, no need safety pins or adhesive tapes
  • Available Size
  • 2,3,4 inches

Robo Saw Cutter

  • For application in removing all kinds of orthopedic bandage.
  • High-speed saw blade vibration system.
  • Adopt import motor, powerful, quickly cutting and reliable.
  • High efficiency and safety during operation.
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