RoboTM Splint (Polyester & Fiberglass)

RoboTM Splint is for:-

Primary cast, Immobilization of fractures, Post-operative immobilization, Immobilization of sprains and strains

Clean Application

No Plaster Mess.

Minimum water

Minimum water needed to activate : pour or spray water on one side of the cover and apply. This side away from patient.


Provide strong. light-weight support in minutes to encourage early patient mobility.

Excellent Conformability

Excellent Conformability and moldability for better patient fit.

Pre-Cut Type Easy to Use and Ready to Use

Available in a variety of prefabricated, individually pouched sizes to accommodate various patient sizes and reduce the need to cut and customize splints.

Easy Application

Easy application and time saving

Good hygienic conditions and comfort

ROBO™ Splint provide patient good hygienic conditions and comfort as use a watertight non-woven cover on the affected part of patient and as use well ventilated fabric material.